The dynamic frontier of insurance solutions

Our Group is a software consulting company specializing in cutting-edge IT solutions customized for regional insurance industries.


To transform the insurance industry through innovations.


To improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of every aspect of insurance operations, thereby enabling our insurance partners to excel.

We believe that the IT ecosystem of any company should be value-accretive to unlock the full potential of its resources. Using today’s best technologies and our in-house expertise, we guarantee lower project costs and a speedier delivery.


For the past 25 years, we are committed to helping our insurance clients in Asia to harness the power of innovation and to thrive on technological changes.  We do insurance software solutions only and we do them well.

Group Work

Our Group is a life insurance software solutions provider. We are principally involved in the provision of proprietary software, managed services as well as other technology solutions and consulting services for life insurance companies, Takaful operators, as well as independent corporate life insurance agencies.


Life insurance software solutions offered by the Group are business process management software that support the business process of life insurance companies, Takaful operators as well as independent corporate life insurance agencies. Our software solutions allow automation of multiple business operations including product configuration, marketing and sales, policy management, claims process, disbursements, compensation, accounting, reinsurance, communication channels and customer management. 

As part of the delivery of our life insurance software solutions, the Group is also responsible for the development, customization, installation and implementation of proprietary software prior to handover to our customers. Our customers also have the option of engaging us for the subsequent maintenance and support of these applications upon handover.

Our Group customizes the software solutions based on our customers’ requirements and specifications.  Prior to the implementation of our applications, our implementation team will assess our customers’ needs and their existing IT infrastructure system. Thereafter, the team will integrate our insurance software solutions with their existing IT systems to ensure smooth transition. Our provision of software solutions generally includes system and gap analysis, design, software development, technology consultancy as well as maintenance and support services.