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Why DynaFront

The DynaFront Values and Advantages

01. Customer Driven, Value Oriented

In all we do, our Group seeks to first and foremost understand our customers’ specific needs, specifications and expectations. We then work towards customizing a sustainable enterprise ecosystem to effectively drive business, as well as enhance service efficiency and employee productivity.


With our long presence in the life insurance software solutions industry, our Group has developed a growing customer base, comprising local and foreign life insurance companies, Takaful operators and independent corporate life insurance agencies. The ongoing provision of technical customization, software upgrading as well as maintenance and support services enables us to build close business relationships with our existing customers, most of whom have relied on our life insurance software solutions to support and scale their business operations. The business relationships that we have established with our customers play a pivotal role in supporting our business growth. 


The insurance industry is heavily regulated and requires a significant amount of transparency. Based on our experience and track record in the industry, our Group has acquired the capabilities to customize our software modules according to the standards of insurance supervision. For instance, our software provides the capability to assure the consistency of our customers’ business conduct towards insurance standards determined by regulatory authorities. This has enabled the Group to retain many of our existing customers and cemented our reputation in the life insurance solutions industry.

02. Comprehensive Domain Knowledge

Our Group is extremely well-versed in the insurance business, with extensive experience in IT operations, especially in the areas of unit-linked, family Takaful, conventional life insurance and healthcare management. This enables us to provide well-rounded IT solution services that consistently meet clients’ expectations.


Since the commencement of our business in 1996, the Group has provided life insurance software solutions to many notable local and foreign life insurance companies. Our customers primarily comprise life insurance companies, Takaful operators and independent corporate life insurance agencies who engage us for the provision of proprietary software and managed services to automate administrative processes and workflows. Our life insurance software solutions are developed by our in-house software engineers, and they are thoroughly tested before official deployment by our customers. Our ability to deliver projects to various customers of large and different demonstrates our capabilities in developing solutions that could streamline the workflows and cater for their business needs, and ultimately contribute to enhancing overall operational efficiency. 


These past projects have been attributed to our experience and knowledge in developing life insurance software solutions which enable us to understand our customers’ business practices better and develop solutions that meet their requirements as well as technological advancements. By leveraging our past experience and technical capabilities, the Group is able to attract and secure more projects and business opportunities, which will contribute positively to our business expansion and financial performance.


Our Group was recognized by APAC CIO Outlook as one of the Top 10 Insurance Technology Solution Providers in 2019. We believe that the credentials and positive user experience of our software solutions could further expand our customers base and grow our business.

03. End to End Service Providers

Our Group’s list of IT consultation and advisory services encompasses a top-to-bottom range of value-added solutions for clients, including but not limited to training and development, product development, agency compensation and agency management. Our aim is in providing quality and holistic expertise to build every business.

04. Powered By New Age Innovation

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, those who move first and fastest gain a sizeable advantage over their competitors. As industry veterans who keep abreast with the latest trends and movements, our Group is able to harness the power of disruptive innovation to give customers a valuable competitive edge in their respective fields.

05. The Asian Advantage

Our Group is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we have a sales office in Jakarta, Indonesia. We believes that the regional presence in Indonesia is envisaged to also serve as a launching pad for our business to foray into other countries.

Customer Driven
Domain Knowledge
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