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In the era of technology where connecting to customers worldwide is only a click away, physical distance and time become immaterial, especially with the gateway of the net. Such advancement has demanded a better customer experience and higher production throughput. Companies falling behind in the technology race have lost the competitive edge over other technology-savvy companies. Sadly, such companies still relied on manual tasks to process transactions and services with the following underlying issues. 

(a)       Additional manpower to perform the menial job, thus increasing company expense

(b)       Error prone as an outcome of the manual procedure, thus resulting inferior quality of work

(c)        Longer turn-around-time to process, thus resulting in deteriorating servicing standards

(d)       Huge storage space for paper documentation and work

(e)       Inconsistent production output where human physiological is primary in work performance

In conclusion, studies have shown that such companies may operate at cost deficiency with stunted business growth.


PrecentiaLife being a complete and robust software system, brings the customer closer by striving for excellent service with automation of the processing cycle, thereby replacing manual intervention. It is a comprehensive life insurance administrative system that supports diversified distribution channels and a highly integrated system.


(a)       Customer Service

Customer service and relationships are knit bodies that come hand-in-hand, meaning better customer service begets better customer relationships. PrecentiaLife provides “Speedy Service and Delivery” where all transactions are processed and approved expeditiously. This eliminates multiple process layers that cause long and tedious procedures. Customers no longer have to wait for days for approval of any transactions. 


(b)       Customer Centricity

PrecentiaLife is customer-centric by supporting business processes, including sales and service. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer's contact history, and staff can retrieve information on customers from the database as necessary. Customer Centricity covers the direct interaction with customers for various purposes, including feedback and issue-reporting.

(c)       Productivity

Higher productivity is achieved by delegating the full cycle of administrative processes to PrecentiaLife. Administrators can focus on planning and management work without diverting to mundane administrative work, thereby attaining cost efficiency.   

(d)       Flexibility

The design concept of PrecentiaLife strives for full flexibility empowering administrators to launch new insurance products and change regulatory requirements and market environment instantaneously. Insurers no longer have to revert to vendors for any customization that will take months. 

(e)       Speed Response

With the increasing internet usage rate both locally and globally, the software solutions provide the platform to blend with the e-business systems seamlessly to progress into internet commerce. It uses the same set of objects and user interface (UI) in other distribution channels/administration systems to achieve channel transparency. Developing e-business as a separate project means duplication of work in a separate system with different UI and programs. This also implies creating a separate team to maintain the system. The solutions eliminate all this at the onset. As the system is web-based, it is accessible globally at any time with the given authorized password. Hence, with the appropriate access control list provided to customers, they have the freedom to perform self-servicing through the net. These include enquiry, alterations as well as purchasing products electronically and straight-through submission.

(f)        Matching Technology Environment

The tremendous changing pace in technology affects the business environment.  The solutions can respond quickly to meet the ever-changing environment. As such, the architecture of the system provides the 

  • Object-oriented design to facilitate easier maintenance and faster development/expansion.

  • Modular approach integration with Extended Mark-up Language. This ensures system harmonization with other foreign objects based on Company’s preference to suit business needs and regulatory requirements.

(g)     Reliability


PrecentiaLife has been operational since the year 1999 and has undergone numerous enhancements to cater for the changing industrial needs. Its reliability has been proven since then with the successful installation in many companies in the Pacific region. All members engaged in the development of PrecentiaLife are highly qualified and have extensive and in-depth business knowledge in insurance, especially being trained by a multinational company.


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